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Hello again!

Welcome, 2012 was an incredible year for FCI. Arguably the 2 best teams in women’s open fought for the title in what might be some of the best softball that fans have seen in some time. The 2012 FCI and WMS Champion,  Stratford Brakettes, accepted the invitation and showed the country that #1 is achieved only when you knock off the Champion.  We were proud to host our guests from Stratford and we look forward to our western region teams like our 2 time FCI champion Hurricanes and other west coast teams mixing it up again this time in Connecticut at the WMS.
At FCI we have come close to accomplishing our goal. We wanted to provide a great if not the best tournament venue with the best competition. What we lack now is a showing of the new guard! We need new great teams to help build the tournaments for women and stop the segregation of female athletes because they happen to be older than 23!!!!!!
We are proud to join with the greatest Women's league in the country the SoCal Women's league to offer the end of summer tournament. FCI wouldn't exist without them.
If you are reading this for the first time and you have not been out to this tournament, please ask someone who has. They will tell you how much fun, how much care, and how much quality is a part of this fantastic Championship.

WE need your team to participate, we promise you'll be glad you did.



Welcome and thank you for visiting FCI.  Last year we were able to start what we feel is the beginning of something special.  While the turn out was not as large as we had hoped (with at least a dozen teams taking a wait and see approach).  There was no shortage of quality play.  We accomplished our main goals: 1) get it off the ground, 2) prove the heat is not a factor, and 3) provide a well-run affordable tournament.  Now we move forward in our attempt to make this the #1 Women's tournament in the country.  We are reaching out to more teams and are hoping that new teams will form.  The feedback has been amazing and it has become crystal clear that people want the Women's Open division to succeed, and of course we will keep doing our part.  We hope someday in the near future fans of softball will schedule trips to catch the action at FCI.  Check back during the tournament.  We promise to have updates REGULARLY this year.



Thank you for visiting our website. The Fastpitch Championship Invitational (FCI) was formed in 2009 but has been in the works for a long time. For years the women’s open division of Fastpitch softball has been neglected and steadily in decline. As a result, many dedicated coaches, players and supporters have walked away from the division (and in some cases the sport) entirely.  In 1996 the entire Olympic softball team was fielded from this division with the exception of one player. Collegiate athletes used the summer teams to hone their skills and stay sharp. Sadly, in 2009 the women’s open National Championship was cancelled. What has caused this shift in the Women's division?  It is our belief that a huge factor is location.  Each year the championship tournament is bid on by different states, and although traveling to the East Coast and the Midwest is fun, it can be expensive.  Add to that inclement weather and tournament layout, and it is easier to understand why teams are shortening their seasons.  Another factor is choice.  Upon reaching the age 19 and then again at 24, the female athlete is now excluded from participating in a prestigious competition i.e., 18U and 23U championship play.  This makes no sense to us. 

That's why FCI is the answer.  We have spent many hours discussing and untangling the problems that have plagued this feeble division that is Women's Open.  First, rather than have some obscure area win a high bid with NO consideration given to travel costs and/or what the area has to offer (no offense to those very nice cities and their fine citizens), we believe that having the Championship in the SAME place every year will alleviate most (if not all) of the aforementioned problem.  We have come up with a place that is easily accessible nationwide, economically feasible for both West and East Coast teams and it has great things to offer both on and off the field: the beautiful city of Henderson, NV.  Just 15 minutes from Las Vegas (arguably the most exciting city in the world).  Henderson is minutes from the Las Vegas airport, and less than 5 hours driving distance from Southern California.  Couple this with a city that wants us and hotels that give us great group rates.  It benefits all of us. In addition, this tournament is being run by people who are dedicated to the Women's program.  It is our hope that FCI will bring this division back to its former glory and then some.  We want your trip to be a tremendous experience that has you wanting to return again and again. 

So, whether you are an established team, a player/coach forming a new team or you as an individual just love softball and would be excited to challenge yourself to play as a pick up player(even for a team in another state), this is the place for you.  We care about the teams and the individuals who are participating. 

Let us know your thoughts, we gladly welcome comments and suggestions.  Unlike organizers in the past, ideas and suggestions are appreciated.  And, while the saying goes, "You can't please all of the people all of the time", we sure can try, and that is a PROMISE.  We look forward to seeing you this summer!